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The 30 Most Beautiful Orchestrated Melodies of All Time - Acoustic Guitar Music in 3 Hours

7 Lượt xem· 01/06/23
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There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.

►Guitar List:
00:00:00 Sound of Silence
00:02:39 La Playa
00:05:29 La Novia
00:09:29 Solenzara
00:13:02 Million Roses
00:17:57 god father
00:20:17 Romance
00:23:31 My Love
00:27:24 I Lay My Love On You
00:30:52 Love Paradise
00:34:06 Romeo And Juliet
00:37:18 Unchained Melody
00:41:01 Those Were The Days
00:44:40 Amor Amor Amor
00:48:04 Aranjuez mon Amour
00:51:08 Yesterday Once More
00:55:26 Two Guitars
00:59:23 My Heart Will Go On
01:03:55 Memory
01:06:56 Nothing_s Gonna Change My Love for You
Music is one of the wonderful gifts that enrich people's spiritual life. Surely there are many times when you are drunk, immersed in a certain melody - a mellow, deep or exciting, joyful music. They make your mind relax, give you a sense of peace after tiring working hours. That is the desire of "Guitar Music" channel to bring relaxation to everyone.
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