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Incredibly Beautiful Autumn Melody! Great Relaxing Guitar Romantic 70s 80s 90s

►Guitar List:
00:00:00 Sound of Silence
00:02:39 La Playa
00:05:28 Memory
00:08:29 Solenzara
00:12:04 Sukiyaki
00:15:28 Unchained Melody
00:19:11 Love Paradise
00:22:24 My Love
00:26:18 Che Sara
00:29:39 Empty Seaport
00:33:24 I Lay My Love On You
00:36:52 I Love You More Than Yesterday
00:40:26 Silence Is Golden
00:44:27 Until You
00:48:31 Johnny Guitar
00:51:13 I Love You More Than Yesterday
00:54:48 Take Me To Your Heart
00:58:11 Proud Of You
01:01:19 scarborough fair 4

Music is one of the wonderful gifts that enrich people's spiritual life. Surely there are many times when you are drunk, immersed in a certain melody - a mellow, deep or exciting, joyful music. They make your mind relax, give you a sense of peace after tiring working hours. That is the desire of "Guitar Music" channel to bring relaxation to everyone.
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